Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Welcome and introduction

Hi! It appears you have stumbled across this little blog of mine. Welcome! Take a seat, grab a cuppa and let me introduce myself.
I'm Becks. I'm 30 and I live in Leeds with my partner and my gorgeous 7 year old daughter. I'm the most un-girliest girl you would ever know.
Until two months ago...
I was after some extra cash, with Christmas on the way EVERYONE needed some extra pennies. "Try AVON" a friend said, and she put me in touch with a lovely lady who passed me on to a Sales Leader.
I had considered AVON in the past, but was never confident enough to give it a try. This felt different. The Sales Leader couldn't have been more friendly and approachable (and still now, 2 months on, is exactly the same as she was when she signed me up). She visited me at home, took as long as was needed to go through things, set me up and I was on my way. It genuinely was as easy as that.
2 months later, I now have some amazing customer who aren't just friends and family and I'm earning some money. (To be completely honest, I made money from my very first brochure!)
So, what changed me from the tomboy woman I was to a lady who is now panting her nails regularly and how has some form of skincare regime? I'll be honest - it was AVON products. There completely different to the items you see on the shelves in the supermarkets, fantastic quality and amazing prices.  Don't believe me? Then you need to try some products for yourself.
My aim with this blog is to try to give you an unbiased opinion on the AVON products I purchase and use. That will include positives and negatives. I will focus mainly on the health and beauty side of things, with a few household products thrown in for good measure.
I hope this introduction has given you a little insight in to who I am and what I do and wish to achieve.

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